Thursday, March 10, 2011

Korean Barbeque (Bulgogi) (You will want to eat this everyday!)

OK.  So I have the greatest Boyfriend in the world.  I'm so glad I married him.  Of course, he said he married me because he felt sorry for me and felt that I was an experiment.  That's okay.  I tell him that I was so desperate and he was there at the right time.

But, truly, after dinners like last night, I am SURE I got me just the right personal husband.  He made me some oh so fabulously ridiculously nummy, "goodlicious" (as J-GQ used to say) BULGOGI, (Korean BBQ).  His mom used to make this for his family when he was small (she was Korean) and he has passed it down to our family.  I'm pretty sure J-GQ will continue the tradition...

Are you ready?  HERE GOES!!  (And it's SOOO easy!)...

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