Monday, February 7, 2011

20 things to do to grow your NICE quotient -- and to spread it on...

In a world that is becoming more and more mean-spirited, it would be behoove us to step back and think about what it means to really be nice. And, when we are nice, it is contagious. Here are a few suggestions I've come up with that we can all do today:

1. Smile at a child.

2. Pay for the person's toll behind you.

3. When someone starts to gossip about someone, say something nice about that person instead and change the subject.

4. Make someone's favorite cookies for no reason.

5. Make someone feel good about themselves.

6. Post on someone's facebook wall just to let them know you are thinking about them.

7. Send a note in your child's lunch sack.

8. Tell someone you will pray for them, and then do.

9. Pray for someone you don't particularly like.

10. Wave and smile at someone who has let you into the car line.

11. Offer to let someone go before you at the grocery store.

12. Tell the waiter/waitress or grocery clerk how well they are doing and you appreciate their hard work.

13. Send someone a note who has done something nice for you, but you never told them.

14. Ask a new artist, author or blogger how you can help them promote their work and be successful.

15. Say something funny to the grocery clerk.

16. Treat your child like you would a friend's child.

17. Treat your husband like someone you are trying to impress.

18. Smile and thank the person who opens a door for you.

19. Open a door for someone, and give them a sincere smile.

20. Say "Excuse me!" when you walk in front of someone.

Please leave comments for other things that you think are NICE! God bless!
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the Hansels said...

Hi! You have a wonderful blog here! I love your ideas to grow your nice quotient--thanks for posting them!

Chick of All Trades said...

Thank you so much! And, thank you for visiting my site! God bless, T.K. Goforth

Amy @ mommetime said...

thank you for the reminders! I found your blog on Social Moms Mommy Bloggers and your blog name caught my attention...recently my six year old daughter said to me: "Mom, did you know boys sometimes call girls...chick?" me: " that what the boys at school call girls"..."No, Mom (like I should know)I heard it from my cousin".

Chick of All Trades said...

Hi, Amy! Haha...that's cute... Thanks for visiting my site! What is your site so I can follow?

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