Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This morning, Amsterdam; Tomorrow, Wales

I'm in Amsterdam right now. I'm sitting at the edge of the canal, enjoying the wonderful old buildings and the houseboats everywhere.  Some are actually ships, some are what are called "arks".  This bustling city is the largest in the Netherlands and boasts about 1.2 million people.  Bikes are everywhere.  There are more bikes than cars.  And, it's about 37 degrees.  Perfect for my cup of Joe....

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Beth Allen said...

I don't know, having been to Amsterdam a few times, and enjoyed many a beer and bike excursions, I'd have to say there's nothing better! ;) I'm glad to hear you have an imagination that can take you to fabulous locations around the world from the comfort of your home. Enjoy Wales tomorrow! :)

Chick of All Trades said...

haha! Thanks, Beth! Maybe if I really do make it to Amsterday I will give that a try... And, I guess it's good I have an imagination that way I an enjoy life a bit better! Isn't that also what they mean by ignorance is bliss?

I'll let you know how Wales was! And, come visit me there!


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