About This Chick and This Blog

Me and my Boyfriend
Hi! I'm a chick. And I can't sit still.  That's why I'm making this blog.  You can see why I can't sit still by reading this blog post.

My name is T.K. Goforth.  I have my own personal husband, who is My Boyfriend, and we've been married 16 years.  I also have my own personal child, (J-GQ).  I am an author, a musician, a piano teacher, a photographer, a gardener, a computer nerd, a cooker, a baker, a candy maker, a traveler, a Starbucks-grande-mocha-no-foam-no-whip fiend, an activist, a soul sister, and a lover of God -- who gives us all good things to enjoy!

This is a blog about what I like and my life's adventures as a Chick (as opposed to a "Chump", as My Boyfriend and I like to call ourselves).

Each PAGE of this blog is actually a separate blog.  So, if you like a particular page, please follow it specifically.  My pages with their descriptions are as follows:

Chick of All Trades Home: The main blog -- this page will have updates as to "New News."

About:  That's where you are now.

Chick's Tips:  Tips on things that I've found that WORK, and things that DON'T WORK.  This could be anything from things in the home to relationships.

Chicky Ponderings  (A Chick and her thoughts, confessions, and discoveries -- sometimes spiritual, mostly random, but always with a certain amount of awesomeness that she just can't shake.):  Sometimes, I'll also have to share embarrassing moments so that it won't be embarrassing anymore.

Chord Piano Chick's Musical Musings:  This is information about my experience in teaching piano and all that goes along with it.  I also make comments regarding the use of my book, Chord Piano Is Fun.

Chick and Garden:  The description on this page is "Taste of Tropical Texas - A Blog for the Tropically Challenged."  I love to garden, and have a tropical garden in my backyard.  This page includes photos, tips, identification and explanation of tropical plants, how I have become an expert in Competitive Speed Gardening (not a real thing, but we like that phrase...)

Clicky Chickyrama (A Chicky Wields a Camera):  This is about my wieldings with a camera and also my photo art.  There is a link that takes you to my photography website (well, at least there will be soon if there isn't one now.)

Chicky Gets Her Groove On:  The desciption on this page is  "Things That Make This Chick Groove (funny stuff, cools stuff, music stuff)."  This is a page about all the things that make this Chick tick -- things I love.  It will include funny videos, travel, restaurants, fun stuff to do, music I like, etc.

Chicky Java (A Chick and All Things Starbucks):  I am a Starbucks addict and this will include musings from my Monday mornings at Starbucks with my coffee chicks, or with my family on Friday mornings.  It will also include photos of my Starbucks mug collection, and will be updated whenever I receive a new one.  Wooo hoooo!

Home-ly Chick (A Chick at Home -- Cooking, Baking, Candy-making, Painting Rooms and Decorating):   This page will include recipes and tips and photos of all my favorites nummies, as well as tips and "finds" for the home.  At least for my home.  That I like.

Chick That Bytes (A Chick Takes on Technology):  I am a computer nerd.  I love making websites, learning HTML, SEO, H20, and doing research.  This page will give tips on stuff that I've learned that might be able to help my fellow computer nerds.

Chick In Action:  This page will give social issues that I am involved with, and how you might be able to help, as well.

That's it!  If there is something on here you can use for your life, please do!  And, please leave some comments! And forward this site on to anyone you think would enjoy it!

And, please contact me by CLICKING HERE, if you would like to!

Have fun and God bless!

T.K. Goforth

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