Thursday, November 4, 2010

Most Important Chords

Today you might want to practice your  "4 Most Important chords."  Man, that is fun.  And, do it in inversions so that when you're playing from a chord chart the transition from one chord to the next is easy.  Go to Addendum 2 in Chord Piano Is Fun to practice.  Then, take a favorite song that has chord charts and play it with the chord inversions.  The first time or so through, if you haven't played the chords before, you might want to write down the notes in the chord so that you can be more familiar with it.  You might want to write down the actual order of how you want to play it.  In other words, say you are playing the C Chord and the next chord is the F Chord.  Find the common note to each chord (if there is one) and keep that finger on that note (in the case of both C and F, the common note is "C") and then find the other two notes in the chord.  Always find the easiest way to move from one chord to the next.  Refer back to Lesson 8, Inversions, if you need to.
Have fun today!

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