Monday, November 8, 2010

Reviews of Chord Piano Is Fun

Here are some great reviews of Chord Piano Is Fun:

I have to tell you that I have only made it through three lessons so far and I already feel so successful! This is fantastic!

Danny, Portland, Oregon

"Chord Piano Is Fun" is the perfect title for this easy to follow, fun approach to learning to play chords on piano. There are 26 lessons which most beginning piano students will be able to follow and practice. Each lesson takes about 25 minutes or less. The book explains the basics of music clearly and concisely. It provides worksheets, technique practices and pages of scales and harmonized scales making practice time practical and fun. This book has inspired me to return to learning to play piano after taking a 12 year hiatus. I will be using this accessible method when my nine year old begins lessons later this year. If there was one thing about this book I would change it would be to have had this book published years ago when I first started piano lessons!

Kim S., Bellevue, Washington

As a seasoned piano/vocal teacher, I have been looking for a book to teach a chording method without having to write it myself! This book is exactly what I have been looking for! Chord Piano Is Fun is a fantastic tool -- a very clearly written, easy-to-understand, and thorough method of piano chording.  It can be used to self-teach as well as used as a method book with a teacher.   I have added Chord Piano Is Fun as a mandatory supplement for even my youngest students to the traditional method lesson and theory books.

I have found "Chord Piano Is Fun" to be a very helpful tool in the areas of ear training and improvisation as well as a fun way to teach my students how to play popular music.  I have further found that some of my students who were not responding quickly (or at all) to the basic method, yet were very bright as well as musically talented, were becoming so discouraged that they wanted to quit taking piano lessons altogether. At that point, in trying to salvage their self-esteem as well as their interest in piano playing, I gave them a copy of Chord Piano Is Fun and basically started over with them. What I found was renewed interest, increased passion, and a super sense of success in each of those students! At my last recital, one of those students accompanied herself with chords while she sang a beautiful song, and the other played a fairly difficult Disney piece (Under the Sea) using only the treble clef and chord symbols along with some improvisation on his part. Both were FABULOUS performances and I accredit both to the fresh start with Chord Piano Is Fun!

I also put two of my students with learning disabilities (particularly in reading) as well as ADD/ADHD students on Chord Piano Is Fun and all are excelling and enjoying playing piano when other teachers gave them no chance of learning how to play the piano!   THANK YOU FOR "CHORD PIANO IS FUN!"

 Laura Beasley, Music Teacher, Mandeville, Louisiana

"Chord Piano is Fun" really is fun. I took piano lessons when I was a teenager, and again when I was in my forties, (I am now in my eighties) but I am so poorly coordinated I could never get two hands together. Both times I gave up before I really learned to play anything. Now I do a mean rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In", and other recognizable pieces. This is something I can do so I am grateful for this book and wanted everyone to know!

Myra, Clear Lake, Texas


"Chord Piano is Fun" is a well-written, easy-to-understand resource for learning to play the piano using chords. The book is so logically organized that it is possible to start at the beginning, with little or no understanding of HOW TO PLAY or HOW TO BUILD CHORDS, and to complete the lessons with the ability to play many songs in various styles! The method is not just for beginners, but also for the seasoned pianist who wants to play with the freedom chords allow in many kinds of music from hymns to pop. It is especially useful for the church musician who wishes to embellish the hymns or praise songs.

As a retired public school music teacher, private piano teacher and church musician, I know how valuable learning chords can be in the areas of theory concepts, ear training and just enjoying playing whatever you wish. I regret that I did not have this book when I was teaching, as I spent many hours creating my own worksheets for chord study. CHORD PIANO IS FUN.......REALLY IS!

Carolyn, Former Piano Teacher, Camano Island, Washington

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