Friday, February 18, 2011

Great review by Marty Nystrom for Chord Piano Is Fun!

New Review by Marty Nystrom, Songwriter ("As The Deer" and other worship songs) and Author of "Don't Mess With Moses!"

"Chord Piano is Fun!” is the perfect resource for those that long to play piano but can’t seem to make sense of all those black dots on the page. The book will get you quickly creating music at the keyboard through a step-wise and enjoyable understanding of chord construction. I like how things are broken things down to approachable and achievable bite-sized steps, which is especially good for busy adults. This is not only a great tool for the pianist but also for songwriters who want to write music at the piano. This book is very well put together and the kind of resource that I wish existed when I first desired to play piano in my teens.

Marty Nystrom
Songwriter and Author

Go to Chord Piano Chick for more...

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