Thursday, January 27, 2011

About This Chick

Hi!  I'm a chick. And I can't sit still.

I am a wife (to my Boyfriend), a mom (of J-GQ), a teacher, an author, a photographer, a gardener, a baker, a candy maker, a reluctant cook, a traveler, a singer,a Starbucks-grande-mocha-no-foam-no-whip fiend, an activist, a soul sister, and a lover of God -- who gives us all good things to enjoy!

This is a blog about what I like and my life's adventures as a Chick (as opposed to a "Chump", as my Boyfriend and I call ourselves).  If there is something on here you can use for your life, please do! 

Have fun!

T.K. Goforth
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CeCe'sBooks said...

Hope this passes quickly and JG will be back on his feet to perform in Fort Hood.

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