Saturday, January 29, 2011

Starbucks Mugs from Around the World!

I am a Starbucks fiend. I really do love everything about Starbucks. But the thing I like most are their "City Mugs". I'm kind of leery sharing about this, because I'm afraid everyone will start collecting them, and then it will be more difficult for me to find them, but I'm going to anyway, because I think it is cool and collecting these mugs is a riot.  Sometimes I pick them up myself on my travels, and some of them are from very dear friends who pick them up for me.  Most of these friends are now collecting them themselves.

Starbucks changes its mug styles every few years. And, they are sold all around the world. Here is my collection:

Here is my first set of Starbucks mugs. These were created somewhere between 2002 and 2005. This is called the "Collector Series". (Please set me straight if I am wrong.)

These particular mugs are from Hawaii, Maui, Kona, Waikiki, and Kauai.

Here are some from Europe and the Middle East:  Paris, Bahrain, Luzerne, Madrid, Freiburg, and Kuwait.  These were given to me by friends.  No, I have not been to all of those places.  Some of them, but not all.

This next set of mugs is called the "Architecture Series".  This is my least favorite of those that I have.  These are from Seattle, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Seattle (hey, I have two!  just discovered that...), Fort Worth, Dallas, San Franscisco, Austin, Philadelphia and Alaska.  You know what is VERY weird to me?  That they have a cup from Fort Worth, but they didn't have one from Florida for forever!  What is up with that???

This set of mugs is the "City Scene Series".  I have cups from Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Seattle. (Man, I have a lot from Seattle.  Could be because I lived there for years and years.  And years.)

 This is called the "Global Series."  This is the newest series, and one of my favorites because of the color (the Collectors Series is also a favorite).  These cups are from Zurich, Taipei (it's purple!) Austria, Berlin (it's red!), Basel, Singapore, Lucerne, Kuala Lumpur, Brussels, Switzerland, Bahamas, and the mini ones are from Germany and Frankfurt.  I've found a lot of the mugs have a variation of blues or greens, and not many with red or other colors.  I have been to 7 of the above places, and bought most of them, but a friend and family brought the ones back from Brussels, Kuala Lumpur, Bahamas, Austria, Singapore, Zurich and Taipei.

These are the Global Series mugs I have from the U.S. and include New Mexico, Houston, Chicago, New Orleans, Denver, California, New York, Florida, San Antonio, Boston, Washington DC, and Colorado.  Friends and family gave me many of them and even though I have been everywhere these cups are from,  I only bought the ones from Houston, New Orleans, Florida, and Boston myself.

And, last but not least:  These three mugs are (from left to right), the 08 Series Photo Mug with London, the Coffee Origin Series with Kenya, and the City Gate Series with the Golden Gate Park.  The Kenya one and the Golden Gate one are among my favorites.

You can find more information about Starbucks mugs, and even trading those you have for others at  A fun website to see what's out there!
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Rachel said... have quite the collection......don't ever get rid of them.....these are worth BIG bucks on ebay. Thanks for sharing.

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