Saturday, January 29, 2011


As a mom, I am terribly concerned with what is shown on TV that our children can possibly get a hold of, even accidently.  That's why I joined up with Parents Television Council (PTC) and am their Associate Director of the Houston Chapter.

Right now, there is a show on MTV called "Skins" that maybe you have been hearing about on the news programs.  This show consists of teens as young as 15 engaging in sexual content which could be considered pornographic.

Please go to this website if you are concerned as I am.  You may want to write to the advertisers involved with your concern, because once the show has no sponsors it cannot continue.

The PTC is not a religious organization, and is not an organization that wants to censor.  What they ARE concerned about are shows that are shown during times that children may have a chance of watching.  You can go to their website for more information:
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