Thursday, January 27, 2011

You know what makes me sad...?

Yellow doesn't make me sad. But when my son, J-GQ, is sick, I feel sad. My child is sick today.

You wouldn't think I was sad, though, because today at the doctor's office he was the one acting like the adult. I was texting some old friends I worked with at Continental Singers, and I was laughing my head off while he was sitting there on the table being miserable. He kept shaking his head. And rolling his eyes. As the friend I was texting said, "That's what teens do." Even when the doctor came in, I was finishing up my text and he probably thought I was the most disengaged mom.

So, my son has the flu. Yuck. But, he's handling it like a man (which isn't really saying a whole lot, because most men are little babies when they are sick. Except my Chump. He's not a woosy baby when he's sick -- he just wants everyone to stay away from him.)

J-GQ is not whining or complaining. He's a tough kid (but not of heart). And that makes me glad.
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